Accounting Resumes
You Can Count On!

Accounting resumes are designed to cover the gamut of industry positions. Accounting is a broad field and includes a number of jobs with varying responsibilities.

You may be seeking a job as a staff accountant, accounts receivable or accounts payable specialist, bookkeeper, controller or accounting supervisor for example.

No matter what job description you are addressing, one fact is always true. You must present your information in a way that clearly connects your abilities to the job requirements. That is what employers are looking for when they search resumes for qualified candidates.

The first step is to define your goals. Are you seeking more challenging work, a promotion, an entry level job or a career change? Then ask yourself what your strongest assets are and those are the ones you will highlight in your resume. You have to learn the fine art of bragging without seeming like you are bragging.

Checks and Balances

A resume for accounting positions will include specific information:

  • Contact information – name, address, phone and email

  • Job Objective - job title you are applying for

  • Objective summary – brief description of your strongest assets

  • Education – degrees and certifications

  • Specific skills – especially those that will enhance your job performance

  • Experience - used detailed information like amount of payroll processed, number of people supervised, dollar savings you generated for the company using your skills etc.

If you are applying for a higher level accounting position then you will need to show progressive accomplishments so the new position looks like a natural progression. The chronological format works for many accounting jobs unless you have special circumstances such as employment gaps.

In the objective summary you will want to include strong statements that firmly convey your qualifications that respond to elements in the job description. Under skills you want to make sure your statements create enough of an impact that the recruiter comes to believe you can certainly bring important competencies to the job.

Get Started on Your New Career!

The resume samples are just a start because you need to customize the resume to your qualifications and the job description. The samples are great for learning how successful resumes have been developed and what formats work best.

The accounting resumes are easy to understand and can guide you through an often confusing process. And if you find writing a resume is causing you problems then get professional writing help. The only way to reach your goals is to apply for new jobs, and that requires a resume!

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