Customer Service Resumes
Will Serve You Well

An effective customer service resumes will fit the specific job description, and that means no two resumes will be alike. Customer service is a big job field that crosses virtually every industry.

You can work as an airlines service representative, manage a call center, handle customer complaints, or process claims and billings. This is a growing field of job opportunities too as people demand better service from companies anxious to take their money.

The resumes for service jobs will necessarily focus on customer related actions. You need to showcase your ability to communicate well, your initiative when it comes to solving problems, your successful organizational efforts, and your ability to work with a diverse group of people. These accomplishments and much more show you can get the job done and get it done well.

The samples of resumes that are available will help you develop a customized resume that fits your situation. The samples and templates will put you on the right path to correct formatting, appealing design, and full informative content. Your final resume will look polished and well thought out because it is!

Simplicity Works

Remember the old philosophy of keeping it simple? People in the customer service industry often have a myriad of jobs to list because this is a wide field. You don’t have to include everything on your resume if it will lead to a lengthy run-on resume.

What you do want to include is information that proves you have a solid work history and are able to bring benefits to the new company. If you use a chronological format, only go back as far as your first full-time job in which you had real responsibility. You don’t have to list the summer you spent selling sports supplies at the athletic shop while a teenager even though that is a customer service job.

The key is to ask yourself if the job you held led to the development of particular skills you can apply directly to the new job. If the answer is yes, you should include it on your resume. Employers will be more interested in your recent jobs in this particular occupation.

Let Your Personality Shine Through!

If you enjoy customer service work then you most likely have a pleasant personality and enjoy working with people of all kinds. These are two outstanding traits a perspective employer needs to learn about from reading your resume.

Your resume needs to be professional in appearance while also describing your leadership ability, communication skills and ability to handle problems quickly and efficiently as they arise. One of the distinguishing traits of a customer service position is that the person holding the job must be able to think fast and respond appropriately to a myriad of unexpected situations.

Be Pro-Active!

The customer service resume should include an objective and summary statement, experience and competencies. Use lots of hard data to back up your claims of success, and don’t forget to use plenty of action verbs. If you mastered a complex service software program or negotiated a cost saving contract then say so, but say so with numbers. For example, the software usage decreased customer response time by 25% or the contract reduced customer product returns by 10%.

Customer service resumes can help you develop a well written quality resume that focuses on the position you are interested in. This is a great industry that needs people just like you!

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