Effective Resume Writing
Proves You Are Different!

Effective resume writing proves you are different in a good way! The job market today and for years to come is going to be highly competitive no matter what position you are seeking. That means each of your applications is facing a lot of competition, so you want your resume to prove you are the most qualified for the job.

Effective Resume Writing

Being different in this case simply means writing a resume that proves your specific training and experiences groomed you for this job. For example, you don’t want to simply list your skills like you are writing a shopping list. You do want to indicate how the experiences you include on the resume prove you are a leader, can accept responsibility or can get along with a variety of people.

Even people right out of college have life experiences that prove their potential, and it’s the resume writer’s job to put those experiences into words in a concise format. There are lots of other tips you can follow too that will improve the effectiveness of your resume.

Details, Details, Details

If you keep your resume concise you don’t have a lot of room to give detailed explanations. The interview expands on the resume information. But you still need to pay attention to details.

For example, you should not make carte blanche statements that are not backed up with numbers. You may have successfully managed Accounts Receivable, but what exactly did you accomplish? You may have managed a large department but how many people were under your supervision and how did the department grow over time? Give the details in terms of numbers or statistics and the resume reader has something specific to sink his or her teeth into.

Details also refer to the accuracy and readability of the resume. You want every word correctly spelled. The grammar should be impeccable. And you also want some white space on the page. Trying to pack as much information as you can on one page is going to make the resume too difficult to read.

Do you know what happens when the resume is too difficult to read? It doesn’t get read!

Looking Ahead

Effective resume writing doesn’t just list accomplishments from the past. Effective resumes are forward looking. The reader should be able to review the resume, and in doing so, get a good impression about your ability to benefit the company. The employer wants to know what you can do to help the organization in the future. The past is just a signpost to what is coming!

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