Effective Resumes...
I Feel Pretty!

Effective resumes are well designed which means more than just looking pretty. Design factors address both the appearance of the resume and the ability of the reader to easily extract the information he or she is looking for. When designing and formatting a resume you will want to keep the following in mind:

  • Always type your resume using a word processing program

  • Print your resume on a printer that produces sharp colors and print

  • Don’t overcrowd the printing and use plenty of line spacing

  • Only use 1 or 2 fonts on your resume to avoid making it look too busy (and silly)

  • Group related information such as accomplishment or skills

  • Pay attention to formatting like word consistent word wrapping

The groupings of information make it easy for the reader to find exactly what he or she is looking for. For example, a reader may sort through resumes by first reading accomplishments. If the reader must spend a lot of time figuring out where the accomplishments appear on the resume then chances are your resume simply won’t get read.

Effective and Efficient

A recruiter does not have a lot of time to read fine print trying to figure out if you are a good candidate. Your job is to make the resume reading as effective and as efficient as possible. Not only will you get the gratitude of the reader trying to wade through hundreds of applications, but it will reflect on your ability to organize information.

Here are some more tips to make your resume more effective:

  • Use plenty of keywords related to the industry and position

  • Address gaps in your work history and don’t try to ignore them (an experienced reader wills spot a gap right away)

  • If you do not have work experience then add experiences like volunteer work or internships

  • Maintain a professional tone

  • Never appear to brag or boast

Each resume you send out should be customized to fit the job you are interested in. You can tailor your resume so that it fits the needs of the employer and chances are you will be much more successful. Employers like knowing that you have researched the job and have taken the time to evaluate exactly how your qualifications and competencies match up. That shows initiative and a true interest in becoming a member of the organization.

Effective resumes are efficient, targeted and well-designed. That may sound like high expectations, but like most things in life, the more effort you put into getting it right the more successful you will be.

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