How to Make a Resume
More Than Format!

Learning how to make a resume requires more than just learning how to format. You can download a template and quickly master the formatting part. But a blank template won’t tell you much if you don’t know what to write.

A resume is like your short version portfolio. It may not have colored pictures, but it still has to convince the reader that your competencies are a perfect match for the job. How do you do that? You sell yourself but without sounding like a snake oil huckster.Think of it like this. When you meet someone you want to impress, you don’t start babbling about yourself. You avoid sounding pompous and self-important because you know that will make the person want to run for the nearest door. You just try to let the person know though the subtleties of language that you are worth knowing. That is how you want to approach your resume.

Don’t Babble...Inform!

Do you know how people babble in a resume? They have a network of jobs listed that are impossible to follow and remind you of a spider web. The initial reaction of the reader will be suspicion. What are you trying to hide amid the tangle of jobs that seem to include an endless list of unrelated job duties?

A resume that is unfocused and...well...babbles...carries the burden of its own weight. Chances are the person reading your resume is faced with reading a big pile of resumes, and he or she is not going to spend a lot of time trying to read between the babbling comments. You have to get to the point and keep the resume focused.

Tell Me More...

Here’s a babbling self important statement: Managed the most important sales department in the company.

So? To be honest – who cares? Statements like these make the reader yawn. Did you manage it well? Did you meet goals? Were you successful in helping the department and the company advance their reputations?

Here’s a focused statement that sells and helps the reader envision you in his or her company’s future: During the worst year of the recession (2009) was able to grow department sales revenues by 5% ($5 million) in 12 months over the prior year making the department the number one sales unit in the company.

In the first statement you sound pompous. In the second statement you sound successful and make the reader want to know more.

Fine Art of Resume Writing

Writing a resume is almost like an art form. You will follow the right format, but it’s what you say that really counts. Learn how to make a resume your focused sales tool, and your chances of landing a job grow dramatically.

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