How to Write a Resume

Do you know how to write a resume? There’s a big difference between writing a document that lists your qualities and developing a document that shines with your personality, enthusiasm and qualifications.

How to Write a Resume

Thanks to technology, you can now get help with your resume development using a downloadable template, but that doesn’t excuse you from understanding the importance of each word included on your resume. In fact, you not only need to understand how to state your case through descriptions of your goals and qualifications, but you must understand the format that will work best for the industry or employer that is the target of your search.

The days of the ordinary one-size-fits-all resume are gone. You must make a resume that promotes you as a fascinating, qualified and enthusiastic potential employee who can help a business propel itself into the future. You are not donning a cape and turning yourself in superman or superwoman, but you will be donning your positive attitude and choosing those positive personal characteristics that make you shine.

First Rule: Zero In on the Job

The generic resume is passé and will get itself tossed into the garbage can even if it’s a virtual trash can. Your resume needs to be targeted to the specific job you are applying for. In other words, even if you develop a resume using a template, you will not send the identical resume to different businesses.

Your resume needs to be customized. A resume takes shape by following these steps:

  • Read the job posting or description and identify specific qualifications the company is looking for

  • Identify each of your skills, talents, abilities and qualifications that fit the job description

  • Write a basic resume with core information

  • Enhance the core resume with specific information that proves you are ideal for the job

Notice you begin with the job requirements first and not the resume. There are different resume formats you can use of course. In fact, the format you choose will largely be influenced by the type of job you are seeking. A teacher’s resume will be different from a resume geared towards a professional business position. But in both cases, enthusiasm counts!

Second Rule: Hit the Target

You can think of your resume as an arrow seeking a specific target. You don’t want to throw your resume out there and hope it hits one of the outer circles. The resume should target the center of the bulls-eye where the position waits.

Learn how to write a resume that fits today’s marketplace and the specific job!

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