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Objectives For Resumes

The objectives for resumes is a simple sentence or two that goes right to the heart of your goals. It is a summary statement that highlights what you hope to achieve in the way of a position and the major job functions you want to perform.

The objectives summary statement briefly states the type of position you want to find. It also tells the reader how you will best function in their organization. It is your resume rolled into a brief statement that immediately gives your resume focus.

The objectives statement also serves another purpose. In this age of online resumes the summary will contain important keywords that make your resume searchable by employers looking for candidates who have the necessary skills. The employer will use certain keywords to find online posted resumes, and if those keywords appear in your objectives then your resume will be listed in the search results.

Writing the Objectives Statement

To write effective objectives, you first need to do some research on the keywords employers are using for the type of job sought. You can do this by reading online and printed job ads, doing online searches using the basic keywords you know like job titles, reading trade magazines, reviewing online job descriptions and reading the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook which has thousands of job descriptions.

Make a list of the words that appear over and over again and you have your keywords! You can now write an objective statement like the following:

Position in accounting where can use skills in managing business financial records using cost control, spreadsheeting, and management report development to increase organizational profitability and efficiency.

The objective statement works best when you know the exact position you are targeting. The statement will include the name of the job, your strongest skills and reference to the organization’s needs that your skills can benefit.

Tell Them What You Have!

Objective statements work well under certain circumstances.

  • You know the job title

  • You are a recent graduate

  • You are changing careers

  • You are a homemaker reentering the job market

  • You are leaving the military

The objectives for resumes gives the employer a quick means of identification and that can work in your favor. Carefully chosen keywords used in the objectives make it easy for employers searching online for qualified candidates to find your resume. Those same objectives can also help your resume be placed in the “read closer” stack of job applications a reviewer is winnowing down.

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