The Key to Online Resumes
Is Keywords

The key to writing successful online resumes is keywords. The internet is quickly become the primary job search forum and that means you must learn the new rules of resume writing. The online resume must maintain the essential qualities of being targeted, focused and high quality, but it must also contain certain keywords that the online employers use in their searches for qualified job candidates.

The current figures suggest that between 50 to 70 percent of all job seekers are using resumes posted online. There’s a good reason too. Employers are relying more and more on online job and resume listing sites to find the most qualified candidates. It used to be a very expensive proposition to search for jobs outside your local area but not anymore thanks to these sites.

There are many job hunting and resume posting sites found online with some of the largest being Monster, CareerBuilder,, Yahoo! HotJobs, 6FigureJobs and of course the U.s. Department of Labor to name a few. The work in one of two ways. You can post a resume in a personal account you set up on the site and then employers headhunt online. Or you can apply for specific jobs posted online by pointing a potential employer to your posted resume or submitting the resume directly to the employer.

Successfully Using Keywords

There has to be a way for employers to single out the cyber based resumes that best fit their positions and that is through the use of keywords. Even if you mail in a resume to many average and large sized companies that frequently hire, your resume will be often be scanned into a shared database. Online resumes are sorted by keywords and listed under the best fit job categories.

The ranking of resumes can vary based on the types of skills mentioned in the resumes or the presence of a set of keywords and keyword phrases. That is why you want to include certain keywords in the objectives for resumes. The keywords will appear near the beginning of the resume and greatly enhance the chances of your resume being reviewed by an employer who has an available job.

Searching on Keywords

You can also take advantage of keywords by using them to find available positions posted online. You can search online job boards, job sites, and job banks using the keywords or use search engines to locate open positions.

Online resumes are here to stay so it’s important to learn how to use the online methods for sorting and prioritizing resumes. The objectives statement containing the right keywords will be one of your best tools you can develop to make your resume retrievable.

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