Professional Resume Samples
To Showcase Your Talents

Professional resume samples give you two advantages. First, they give you a guide you can use to make sure you include the right type of information on your resume. Second, they present a variety of styles that fit various professional positions. You use this resume to showcase your particular talents.

Professional positions are those that usually require a certain educational level and often entail management job functions or advanced levels of responsibility. What makes the job professional is that specialized knowledge is required. For example, accountants, department heads, unit managers, and executives are all professionals.

In fact a resume designed for professional positions can be used for:

  • Office positions

  • Management positions

  • IT Project Managers

  • Health Care professionals

  • Attorneys

The professional format also works well for recent college graduates such as MBAs and for those seeking career advancement into a professional position. The most complex form of this type of resume is also called a Professional CV. CV is the acronym for Curriculum Vitae which represents a chronological listing of work experience, education and outstanding accomplishments.

Choose Professional Resume Samples That Fit Your Needs

The format for a resume that is designed for application to a professional level position generally includes the following in a chosen style.

  • Objective statement targeted to the position

  • Summary of qualifications

  • Specific and technical skills

  • Work Experience

  • Outstanding accomplishments

  • Professional qualifications and training

The actual resume development can vary from position to position. A health care professional will emphasize training in a specialized health care field for example whereas an IT professional will emphasize knowledge of computer software, programming and project development. Professional resume samples will also use a particular style which may be chronological, functional or skills based, or targeted.

All Resumes Should Be Professional Looking!

The bottom line is that every resume should be professional looking no matter what job you are applying for from restaurant worker to CEO. A professional looking resume is:

  • Neat

  • Well organized

  • Printed on high quality paper

  • Free of errors

  • Easy to read

  • Only contains relevant information

  • Applies to the specific job

  • Interesting to read

The professional resume will be specifically tailored to the position in question. By looking at samples of resumes you can find one that will best fit your qualifications and needs and that suits the type of job you are applying for. A professional resume is a resume is one that looks professional!

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