A Professional
Resume Template
Showcases Your Best Qualities

Job hunters often ask if using a professional resume template is a good idea when it comes to applying for a job. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” The reason those people are even asking the question is usually because they are not comfortable formatting or writing a resume. The idea of a template is appealing because it makes it so much easier to create a resume.

The fact is that your resume must be high quality, thoughtfully prepared and well-designed if you expect to successfully compete in the job market. A resume that is poorly formatted and lacks quality content will not be a tool for success. It will become a tool for keeping you unemployed or in your current position.

When you don’t know how to put together a resume that is professional and meets expected employer standards, then the best step you can take is getting expert help. That’s who developed the templates you can access – experts who stay current on technology, resume writing and employer expectations.

Customizing for Success

If you are concerned a template will turn off employers, then consider the fact you can customize your template as much as you want. The templates make it easy to choose a design, style and format but it’s up to you to create customized well written content. But even when it comes to content, you can get help by browsing through resume samples written for job titles similar to the ones you are seeking.

We live in a digital world but there is no substitute for good writing. Each template can be customized so it is job focused, or you can develop a generic resume to post on a job search site like Monster or Yahoo! Hot Jobs. The content you create should showcase your experience and competencies while letting employers know you have abilities that can help their organizations succeed.

Templates assist with:

  • Visual organization of information

  • Bulleted lists

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Margins

  • White space

  • Suggested content

Using sample content combined with the template formatting, you can create a great resume that can be printed or uploaded to a job site.


The professional resume template is your assurance that you are doing everything possible to create the right resume for the right job. It enhances your professional standing and lets you stand out in the crowd. So don’t believe for a minute that templates should be avoided because templates are your key to getting that resume written and quickly on its way to employers.

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