Spend Some Time
On Project Manager Resumes!

Project manager resumes are designed to give you a solid start in the development of a resume that addresses both technical and managerial skills. The demand for project managers is growing as companies expand their in-house development teams and also outsource projects needed particular expertise. Your resume can be customized so that it applies to all types of positions giving you more opportunities for career success.

The resume samples include different formats including functional and reverse chronological. By using the reverse chronological format you can direct the reader’s attention immediately to your most current accomplishments. That makes it easier to translate your competencies into job focused statements because you will first be profiling technically current job functions.

The resume for a project leader should focus on the top 3 concerns of the employer:

  • Can you manage a diverse group of people?

  • Can you organize and monitor events to bring the project to a successful conclusion?

  • Can you operate within an established budget?

Achievements, Successes and Possibilities

There are two goals to achieve when a resume is being read. The recruiter should get a good understanding of what you have achieved and the successes you can claim in project management. The recruiter should also be left with a desire to find out more about you because the possibilities of you benefiting the company are clear.

How do accomplish these two goals?

  • Include only project management related accomplishments on your resume so the reader is thinking in terms of you only as a project manager

  • Include specific statistics and dollar figures to support your claims of success

  • Include an achievement that clearly displays your ability to solve problems

  • Add experience that is project management related

  • List your degrees, additional skills training and certifications earned that establish your credentials as a professional

  • Add experience that highlights your leadership qualities

One of the mistakes people make is trying to pack too much information into a resume. A recruiter really doesn’t want to read pages and pages of details. He or she wants to pick up your resume and be able to quickly learn if you have the skills, competencies and potential to be a successful project manager for his or her company. If the company wants more details, you can present them at the interview.

The project manager resumes will help you efficiently manage a large quantity of information. The final product will be a personal marketing tool that can help you advance your career.

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