Stay on Track With
The Resume Cover Letter Example

You can stay on track when you follow a resume cover letter example. It’s easy to get carried away when writing a letter, and the letter accompanying your resume is not the document where you want that to happen. The letter should be short and specific, but it’s also a great opportunity to brag on yourself.It may sound impossible to write a short letter that addresses a job opportunity, points out competencies, and does a little bragging. But that is exactly what you need to accomplish with your letter. That’s why each word is important and should have meaning and purpose. There’s simply no time or space to waste!

But let’s get one thing clear right up front. Bragging on yourself doesn’t mean making boastful statements that are clearly self-centered and loaded with ego. Those kinds of statements are sure to discourage a prospective employer. The kinds of statements you want to avoid include claiming to be an expert or indicating you never fail or even claiming you bail everyone else out on the job.

Stick with the Truth

It may be tempting to stretch the truth a little when you really want a job. But here’s one word of advice: Resist! You should not make claims about your skills or competencies that you have not demonstrated with details in your resume. You want to avoid exaggerations and comments that indicate you believe you are wonderful.

Boastful statements in a cover letter sound like desperation to be honest. The letter that accompanies your resume should always only speak the truth and in a respectful way. Employers are not looking for a friend. They are looking for a professional qualified candidate.

If you have a natural tendency to joke around, brag or speak on a familiar basis no matter how long you have known someone, it will be necessary to insure these tendencies don’t sneak into your letter. That is one way an example of a quality cover letter can help.

Best Fit

Choose the letter that best fits your needs and then customize it. It’s easy to create a quality letter when you start with a properly formatted example. The example will help you stay on track, avoid bragging, and keep your letter job focused.

Writing a cover letter takes effort, but the resume cover letter example can make your effort more productivem. The cover letter can boost the chances of your resume being read. Keep the bragging out of and the quality in your letter.

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