Refine Your Resume
Cover Letter Format

There is a standard resume cover letter format, and it closely follows a business letter. There is a heading, salutation, body and closing. But the format you use involves a lot more than just technical formatting like spacing.

When you review samples of cover letters, you will notice that each one opens with a unique sentence. The first sentence of the letter is probably the most important one because it can encourage the reader to go on or act like brakes. A poorly written opening is one that doesn’t provide any information about the job candidate.

Formatting a great cover letter involves paying attention to both the technical details and the statements you make. Your opening should make a bold statement about your qualifications and how they can meet the employer’s requirements. This will nab the reader’s attention right away and show you are a confident leader. The cover letter sets the reader up for what is to come in more depth in the resume.

After the First Sentence

After the bold opening, you can then write statements that provide more details. You don’t want to get into too much detail, but you do want to prove you understand the job requirements and are convinced you can fulfill the employer’s needs in a spectacular manner.

The letter should be limited to a single page except in rare instances where you are instructed by the employer to provide extensive information. You should always follow all employer instructions closely.

For digital letters posted online, the letters should contain some of the same keywords used in the resume. This will give your resume and cover letter unit more opportunity to show up in a search conducted by employers online. But in general, the letter should be to the point – say what you need to say and then politely sign off.

Art of Cover Letter Writing

The art of cover lettering writing is a lot of common sense. But if you are uncomfortable writing letters, then you need to take advantage of the samples or hire a writing service. This letter is too important to not get right from the very beginning.

A proper resume cover letter format is a traditional business letter format technically. But it’s the format you use to convey your information that counts just as much. Your cover letter must spark the interest of the prospective employer if you expect to get a chance at that important interview.

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