Resume Cover Letter Samples
Simplify the Process

Resume cover letter samples greatly simplify the process of developing an effective cover letter. Unlike a letter you write to friends or family, the letter written to an employer must be specific, formal and job focused.

Resume Cover Letter Samples

That doesn’t mean it should be cold and uninteresting. In fact, your goal is to write a letter that reflects your personal style while conveying information the reader needs to know about you. The tone should be positive and cheerful, and establish a relationship with the reviewer. Make the reader believe that he or she needs to meet you, and you are guaranteed the resume is going to be read.

Target your cover letter to the job you hope to land. Even if you are posting a digital letter online, it should directly address the job description that typically accompanies the job title of interest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, manager, accountant, customer service representative or trained in any other field; the same rule of thumb applies. Keep your letter focused on your target at all times.

Different Letters for Different Reasons

There are not only samples of letters for various jobs, but you will find different types of cover letters. There can be different purposes for writing a letter, and there is an example for each purpose. You may be writing a letter to:

  • Inquire about possible job opportunities

  • Respond to a specific job opening

  • Post a digital cover letter

The samples make it easy for you to choose a letter that serves your needs. You can customize the letter based on your particular accomplishments and the purpose you have chosen for the letter.

No Form Letters Allowed

Other than a digital cover letter posted on a job search site, you should not send form letters out with your resume. With readily available sample letters, you can customize each letter you sent to a potential employer.

When you customize your letter, be sure to explain why you are interested in the position. You should point out the highlights on your resume and confirm how qualified you are for this position.

The resume cover letter samples make letter writing easy. When you are hesitant or unfamiliar with writing cover letters, these samples can quickly teach you the right format and style. By adding customized content, the cover letter becomes a unique job search tool.

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