A Resume Cover Letter Template
For Personal Communication

A resume cover letter template guides you through the process of developing the most personal component of your resume package. Even the highest quality resume remains an impersonal document that is meant to be strictly informational, and that’s why a cover letter is added. There’s really not a whole lot of leeway when it comes to letting your personality shine through in a resume, and that’s where the cover letter enters the picture.

The cover letter is communication that lets you “talk” to the job recruiter in a professional but more personal way. It is your opportunity to prove you are able to handle professional communication while also incorporating your personal style. You are not limited in style or content as long as the letter remains professional.

Writing a customer cover letter is another daunting task for many people. You have freedom as to content, but you still must follow the business rules for professional letter writing. You want your letter to be eye catching, interesting and a reflection of your unique qualities.

Shaping the Template

The template greatly simplifies the letter writing process. You can use the templates to develop a generic cover letter to accompany your resume posted online, or you can write a custom cover letter. Using a template makes formatting a simple task and assists you with creating proper content.

The layout of a letter provides the visual appeal while the content lets your professionalism and personality shine. Appearances do count! If you don’t know how to layout a business letter then don’t try to write one without help. Once you attach that letter to your resume, it becomes your personal introduction so you want to make a great first impression.

Employers who are unimpressed with a cover letter will probably not bother to read your resume. That is how important a cover letter can be to your job search.

A Letter of Appreciation

Before you ever get to thank an employer for considering you for a job, you get to thank them for reading your resume. You can even use a cover letter to direct the employer’s attention to particular information on the resume.

Using a resume cover letter template gets you started, but you can customize the letter to your heart’s content. The fact is that the best letters are marketing tools that can let you connect with the reader in a personal manner.

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