Resume Template Download
Makes Life Easier!

Using a resume template download can certainly make life easier for a job hunter! This is especially true in today’s world where resumes are scanned by machines and read by humans so you have to please both. It can be a daunting task when you consider all the options there are for design, format, style, and content.

Resume Template Download

Technology has made it possible to post a resume online and to apply for a job. Many companies are even doing interviews online! You may not meet a company representative face-to-face until your first day of work. So it should not be surprising that same technology has made it easier to create an ideal resume that meets machine scanning standards and also appeals to a human reader.

The many resume template download choices are just a sign of how complex resume development can be. But all you have to do is simply download a Microsoft Word template and you are already well on your way to developing a great software. You can also find a cover letter template to pair with your resume that can be downloaded just as easily.

Choices Galore!

There are many different types of resumes to choose from, and one will fit your needs. Here’s a short list of the many options you’ll find:

  • Chronological

  • Functional

  • Recent college graduate

  • Academic resume

  • Resume with graphics

  • Job specific

  • Themed resume

  • Bare bones

  • Person with experience in their field

  • Professional resume

  • Manager resume

  • Project manager resume

  • Accounting resume

The list could go on and on. Once you download the template you simple input your personal information, prepare a cover letter, and you are ready to start your online and offline job search.

Play By the Rules

Technology may have changed how resumes are created, but some things will never change. You have to play by the rules! You start with your basic resume and then customize it according to the rules of the job hunting road.

  • Format the content so that the design is consistent – fonts, word wrapping, headings etc.

  • Spellcheck your writing

  • Check for grammatical errors

  • Use the appropriate keywords so that machine scanners and readers can zero in on your suitability for the job

  • Include all required content – education, experience, accomplishments and full contact information

The best step you can take is to first review the templates so you understand how today’s resumes take shape. If you are not comfortable customizing your resume, then get help! Resume writing services offer professional help so you know your resume will hit the mark every time.

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