Educate Yourself
With Sample Teacher Resumes

Sample teacher resumes are ideal for anyone seeking a position in an educational institution. The resumes can be adapted to a number of different types of teaching positions including elementary or high school teacher, coach, special education teacher, arts teacher, ESL teacher, assistant principal, college instructor, school counselor, and many more.When applying for a teacher’s position, you will almost always be faced with stiff completion. You want your resume to be right on target for the position you are seeking. In fact, the two most common formats used to apply for teacher positions are the chronological resume and the targeted resume.

The samples provided include resumes for new teachers with no or less than two years of teaching experience and for teachers with experience. The resume should be results-oriented and use plenty of essential keywords like:

  • Curriculum

  • Learning styles

  • Teaching

  • Instruction

  • Academic

  • Hands-on lessons

You would also use keywords that fit your specialty like special education, ESL, art, science, mathematics and more.

Quickstart Your Job Search!

Resumes for teachers outline the most efficient way to present a lot of information. Most teachers have a wealth of activities they would like to include on resumes, but it’s important to keep the document concise. The other qualities a resume should have include:

  • Visual appeal

  • Job targeting

  • Defines specific proficiencies

  • Outlines strengths

  • Proves qualified for the job

The resume will include objective statements, areas of proficiency, educational background and certifications, and teaching experience. If you do not have teaching experience yet, you can list the experiences related to unpaid teaching like internships and volunteer teaching jobs.

Make Your Resume Buzz with Your Uniqueness

There is a lot of information to include on the resume, but it needs to be done in one or two pages. The only teacher resumes that are longer than two pages are for those people applying for educational positions at the Ph.D. level.

Begin with a basic resume format that fits your needs. Then take that resume and revise it to target the particular job you are seeking. The revisions should display your uniqueness and your exceptional qualifications, skills, abilities and competencies.

Of you want to create some buzz with your resume, then start with the sample teacher resumes. These are market tested resumes that have worked for other people. With these samples, you are starting with success right away!

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