Tips on Writing
A Resume For Success!

You can follow some tips on writing a resume and discover that you greatly improve its effectiveness. The tips are a mixture of dos and don’ts offered by recruiters who read resumes on a routine basis. A recruiter may read more than 5,000 resumes annually and can offer valuable advice about what works on a resume or what turns a reader off.

Tips on Writing a Resume

People who send multiple resumes out and don’t get a response to any of them should take that as a clue their resume has problems. For example, a resume that is unappealing visually may get tossed before a single word is read. You may have wonderful talents and skills, but if you can’t get to the interview, you won’t get a job.

Recruiters look for certain characteristics in resumes and mentally make up a list of resume characteristics that will either get the resume read or get it rejected. Following are some suggestions for making your resume more competitive.

Don’t Overdo Anything

As a general rule, you do not want to overdo anything. For example, you should never try to be too informal or too familiar. We live in a world of quick emails, short text messages and tweets, but the resume is not the place to take liberties with the English language. Your resume and your cover letter should always use professional language.

Here’s another tip: Don’t include your age, race or ethnicity on your resume. The many anti-discrimination laws have made companies cautious about knowing personal information while still selecting resumes. Some organizations may even just reject the ones that voluntarily provide the information.

A third tip is to use bulleted lists under section headings to make the resume readable. This adds white space while making the resume look organized. You don’t want to overdo the amount of text on the page making it hard to read.

You do want to use keywords, but you don’t want to overuse them. The language and sentences should flow naturally so you don’t appear to be keyword stuffing. Resume information should be valuable and have meaning and not just be an attempt to beat the rules of a game.

Add Some Action to Your Resume

One of the best tips on writing a resume you can follow is to add some action to your resume by using action words and images. You want to use words like administered, proved, founded, expedited, expanded and initiated. You want to be a participate in your own career and not a spectator!

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