The Two Level Approach
To Types of Resumes

If you want to be confused then you should just look at the many types of resumes used today. You can consider resumes from two perspectives. The first perspective deals with the formatting used in the resume, while the second perspective considers the information that should be included when applying for specific job titles.

Types of Resumes

For example, should accountants use a reverse chronological format or functional format when applying for accounting jobs? Do teachers need to submit a professional or full Academic CV? How should a project manager develop an effective resume and what information should be included?

The two-level aspect of the resume frequently confuses people, and they end up resorting to the old laundry-list resume format out of desperation. The truth is that employers will not spend any time looking at the old type of resumes because it indicates you have not stayed current as to employer requests. Today employers expect your resume to relate to the specific job description and not be a generic summary of qualifications.

Online Service That Makes a Difference

Resume building has never been easier than it is now thanks to technology. You can find all types of resumes based on job title and for different formats. Resumes are not just for people who are unemployed either. Everyone should keep their resume updated because we live in a very uncertain world where companies can suddenly eliminate positions with no warning.

Whether you’re an accountant, teacher, customer service representative, executive or soon-to-be college graduate, you need a resume handy at all times. The online resumes include those sorted by format:

  • Chronological or Reverse Chronological

  • Skills Based or Functional

  • Targeted

  • Combination of 2 or more formats

You will find various formatted resumes within job titles too. The first step is to consider your circumstances. For example, assume you have been unemployed for many months and are seeking a customer service position. You would probably want to choose a functional or combination resume that highlights your accomplishments and how your particular abilities can meet the job description requirements in a successful manner.

Stay Prepared!

Keeping an updated resume handy is important, and it’s never been easier to do so thanks to online resume samples and templates. You can browse the different types of resumes and find one that fits your needs. There’s no time like the present to take steps to insure you are ready when job opportunity presents itself.

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