Tips for Writing
A Resume Cover Letter

Follow some tips for writing a resume cover letter and you can make the kind of impression you need to make – a good one! The cover letter is your first greeting sent to a prospective employer, and how the letter looks and reads is important. It’s amazing how many letters posted online or mailed to employers are riddled with grammatical errors, bad spelling, lines that wrap erratically, duplicate sentences and other horrors.

But the tips for great letter writing extend beyond just technical details. For example, did you know your letter should be kept short? Do you understand how to write dynamic sentences? Can you write informative sentences that don’t waste the reader’s time?

Here are some more tips to keep in mind:

  • Use blank lines between paragraphs to make the letter easy to read

  • Don’t get too familiar in the letter and assume the reader wants to be your friend

  • Hook the reader with a great opening sentence

  • Always be specific and avoid making uninformative broad generalizations

  • Keep the letter to one page

Match the Letter to the Resume

The cover letter needs to supplement the resume. It is meant to introduce the resume with a personal touch but it must never lose track of the fact the information in it must always be job focused. You are trying to convince an employer that your qualifications and competencies fit the job description.

Your cover letter should prove that you have done your research about the company. By writing sentences that make it clear you understand what the company does and can help the company be more profitable by applying specific competencies, you are showing that you are serious about working for this company.

The cover letter is not the time to introduce brand new material. It is to be used as an introduction and a means of clarifying your interest, compatibility and strengths.

If you email your letter, be sure to apply the same rules. Pay attention to your grammar, spelling, length and specificity.

Select a Sample and Write a Great Letter

There are a number of cover letter samples designed to show you how a successful over letter should look and sound. You can use a letter that matches your style and customize it. It’s a great way to get started on your letter and gives you the assurance that you are writing the letter using the correct format.

Writing a resume cover letter is not tricky but it does require understanding what employers are looking for. It should be given the same care you give your resume.

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